France Passion Steenwerck: An Isolated and Beautiful Spot on Weekdays

France Passion Steenwerck

Members of the France Passion scheme can stay one night for free at France Passion Steenwerck located in the grounds of the Les Trois Petit Cochons, (The Three Little Pigs)  a busy restaurant with a cabaret/comedy show on the weekends. Weekdays are quiet and the site is tucked away amongst fields of grain.

Overview of France Passion Steenwerck

There is parking for 5  motorhomes although there was no one else there when we stayed in June 2017.

Parking is close to the restaurant and a large grassy area. There is occasional noise from high-speed trains approximately 200m away.

The owner was pleasant but not that interested in talking to us. Perhaps because we could not speak French.

We did not see the prices of the restaurant menu but it comes with a show of some kind so we assume fairly pricey.

We are unsure of the opening times but the restaurant was closed on Thursday when we visited. Given the isolation it’s likely to be open on weekends only.

The site is beautiful. There is a horse and some sheep in pens. They don’t make any noise to speak of.

The spot is very isolated and you could not walk to any shops easily. However, the country lanes are very flat and nice for cycling.

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Type of parking:

France Passion Site


Free (one night only)

Location style:

Attractive. Isolated. Near Restaurant


None noted.


Cycling on roads. Walking.


GPS Co-Ordinates:



How did we find about it:

France Passion Guide 2017

Please do not attempt to park at this site unless you are a member of the current scheme.

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