France Passion Mecquignies: A chance to milk goats and buy cheese!

France Passion Mecquignies

France Passion Mecquignies is a goat farm otherwise known as Chevrerie des Sabotiers.  Members can stay here for one night free of charge in a campervan or motorhome. If you are lucky, the owners may give you the opportunity to milk the goats!

Overview of France Passion Mecquignies

It wasn’t immediately clear we were in the right place but the co-ordinates were close enough to guide us into a field with a wooden barn.

We parked in the shade of the barn. After a few minutes  a young man turned up who could speak a little English. He seemed to have a vague understanding of the France Passion concept.

This man took us to the farmhouse which is a minute walk down a rocky track. You cannot park outside the farmhouse.

He said we needed to speak to Patrick but only his wife was present. She was nice but spoke almost no English. We communicated using Google Translate.

Patrick’s wife said it was ok to park next to the barn. However, we could not get our table and chairs out because they wheel the milk from the barn to the dairy via this track.

There is a wooden picnic table in the field next to the barn but it was a scorching hot day so we chose to eat in our van.

There are no grocery shops of note near France Passion Mecquignies so make sure you have what you need.

Patrick’s wife offered us the opportunity to help milk goats which we jumped at, but you are certainly not obligated to do so.

It is advisable to wear sturdy shoes as the tracks are extremely rocky and ground uneven. Especially wise if you plan to milk the goats as you will probably herd them like we did!

There is a very friendly Border Colly dog present, who is used to herd the goats. He loves herding and getting attention.

The goat milking takes place at approximately 5pm and takes several hours. We dipped in and out of the actual milking, most of which is done by machine.

A couple of pigs are also present on site very close to the parking but were not noisy. The goats cannot be heard unless they are being milked. France Passion Mecquignies is very tranquil.

Additionally we had the opportunity to buy cheese which is made on site. They did not have milk or butter for sale when we were there (June 2017).

We were told the cheese making occurs at about 6am but we were not offered the opportunity to take part. It is unclear whether this is possible.

The price of a ‘Bouche’ of goats cheese was 5 Euros for 250g.

There were no facilities such as rubbish disposal, that we could see.


Type of parking:

France Passion site



Location style:

Small, farmland, close to village




Cycling to nearby village


GPS Co-Ordinates:



How did we find about it:

France Passion 2017 membership. You must be a member to park your campervan or motorhome here  overnight.

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