France Passion Villers-sous-Chatillon: Champagne J. Charpentier

France Passion Villers-sous-Chatillon: Champagne J. Charpentier

France Passion Villers-sous-Chatillon is hosted by producer Champagne J. Charpentier. Members can stay here for one night free of charge in a campervan or motorhome. Of course, it is possible to taste the champagne made here and buy as much, or as little as you can carry, with no obligation.


France Passion Villers-sous-Chatillon is located in the Marne department of France. One of the smallest grape growing communes in the Champagne region it comprises a little over 20 hectares of vineyards. Despite a population of only a few hundred people, there is still a fair sized church in the village.


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Date of Stay:

22 July 2017

How we found France Passion Villers-sous-Chatillon:

We have a France Passion 2017 membership. France Passion Villers-sous-Chatillon, (Champagne J.Charpentier), is listed in the guide. You must be a member to park your campervan or motorhome here overnight for free.

Overview of France Passion Villers-sous-Chatillon:

  • France Passion Villers-sous-Chatillon is hosted by independent producer, Champagne J.Charpentier.
  • There is space for two motorhomes or campervans.
  • Parking is completely flat on a newly concreted surface.
  • The parking has an amazing view over the Marne valley.
  • There is minor shade from an apple tree. Hot weather might be made hotter by reflection from the concrete.
  • Parking is in front of a warehouse. There were no movements on the Saturday we were there, but there is potential for noise.
  • There are no additional facilities for campervans or motorhomes provided.
  • Tasting is free and the tasting room has lots of tourist information leaflets.
  • Only Mr Charpentier speaks English. Unfortunately he was not present during our stay.
  • Mrs Charpentier hosted our tasting and was absolutely charming, we enjoyed practising our French on her. She was very patient.

Type of parking:

France Passion site.



Location style:

Landscaped; industrial; residential; great view.




Champagne tasting; cycling/walking through vineyards.


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