France Passion Verneuil: Champagne Jacques Copin provides Aire Services also!

France Passion Verneuil Champagne Jacques Copin

France Passion Verneuil is hosted by an independent winemaker, Champagne Jacques Copin. Members can stay here for one night free of charge in a campervan or motorhome. Additional facilities are available for paying customers. Tasting of Champagne and Ratafia is free of charge.


France Passion Verneuil is located in the Marne department of France. Not to be confused with Verneuil in Normandy where the Hundred Years war was fought. Although, the battle of the Marne meant the village was heavily bombed during World War I. Little evidence of this bombing exists today and the village is an important stop on the Champagne Tourist Route with 238 farmers producing grapes.


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Date of Stay:

20 July 2017

How we found France Passion Verneuil:

We have a France Passion 2017 membership. France Passion Verneuil, (Champagne Jacques Copin), is listed in the guide. You must be a member to park your campervan or motorhome here overnight for free. However, it is possible to park overnight if you are not a member. The price is 10 Euro per night or you can buy a bottle, which start at 16 Euro, (or beer for 4.50 Euro).

Overview of France Passion Verneuil:

  • France Passion Vernueil is hosted by the very well respected Champagne Jacques Copin.
  • The parking is on a gentle slope. Levelling blocks are advised.
  • There is room for five vehicles
  • Parking is on grass. A couple of spaces have shade from trees.
  • Two of the parking spaces have picnic benches.
  • There are drinking water taps and a sink for washing up as well as a place for disposing of grey water.
  • The tasting room is extremely modern with a nice patio outside for sipping champagne.
  • Tasting is free of charge.
  • Extra services are available if you buy anything, (including beer): Electricity, Toilet, Shower. (Or, if you pay 10 Euro)
  • Make sure to ask for the key for the shower, having made a purchase. Shop closes at 6pm!
  • Shower was very clean and hot.
  • When we were there the toilet remained unlocked.
  • It was necessary to provide your own toilet paper.
  • There are recycling bins available.
  • Our tasting was conducted by the owner’s daughter, who spoke some English.
  • Although this is a fine free parking spot, making a purchase means France Passion Vernuil doubles it up as a great value Aire.

Type of parking:

France Passion site and/or Aire


Free for just a parking spot. Aire services are 10 Euro, (or included free with purchase of product – very good value).

Location style:

Landscaped, close to road, modern, upmarket


Free of charge: Water, washing up sink, grey water disposal.

Paid for: Electricity, Hot shower, Toilet.


Champagne tasting, cycling/walking through vineyards


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