France Passion Ambonnay: Champagne Dominique Foureur

Champagne Dominique Foureur

France Passion Ambonnay is hosted by Champagne Dominique Foureur, a tiny Champagne House with lots of character. Members can stay here for one night free of charge in a campervan or motorhome. Not only is it possible to taste and buy champagne but you can get a tour of their 17th Century caves, for free!


France Passion Ambonnay is located in the Marne department of France, a short distance from its neighbour, the rather aptly named village of, Bouzy. The two share vineyards such is the close proximity, and the grapes grown on these South facing slopes go in to the top end blends from ‘Grande Marques’ such as Krug, Dom Perignon and Laurent Perrier


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23 July 2017

How we found France Passion Ambonnay:

We have a France Passion 2017 membership. France Passion Ambonnay, (Champagne Dominique Foureur), is listed in the guide. You must be a member to park your campervan or motorhome here overnight for free.

Overview of France Passion Ambonnay:

  • France Passion Ambonnay is hosted by independent producer, Champagne Dominique Foureur.
  • There is space for two motorhomes or campervans, although not for particularly large motorhomes.
  • Parking is located in the small inner courtyard, hemmed in by rustic buildings.
  • Elisabeth Foureur speaks quite good English and is a charming host.
  • There are many pets on site including some very friendly cats and big old dog who spends most of his time lying down.
  • Tasting is free of charge. We also got to look through the producer’s photo album, which was a nice touch.
  • They produce Ambonnay Rouge, made from Pinot Noir as well as Champagnes in a range of styles.
  • Below the main house are a series of caves where the champagne is stored. We were given a tour for free.
  • We also got to see up close the equipment used to ferment and bottle the champagne.
  • Having bought a small number of bottles we were allowed to plug in the mains electricity for our campervan.
  • There are also toilets, both normal and squat as well as cold showers and sinks.
  • It is not clear if these facilities are only available to those who make a purchase but they are not listed in the France Passion guide.

Type of parking:

France Passion site.



Location style:

Rustic, charming, rural, residential




Champagne tasting; cycling/walking through vineyards.


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