France Passion Obernai: Vins d’Alsace Blanck Robert

Vins d'Alsace Blanck Robert

France Passion Obernai is hosted by Vins d’Alsace Blanck Robert, an independent wine maker and retail shop just outside this beautiful village. Members can stay here for one night free of charge in a campervan or motorhome. Of course it is possible to taste and buy wine here as well as many other products of the Alsace.


France Passion Obernai is located in the Bas-Rhin department of France, the North part of the Alsace Wine route. Vins d’Alsace Blanck Robert is a short walk from the village itself. The area here is more urban and much newer than the old town, although by no means ugly. Parking is by the side of the building with no scenery of note. See our gallery below for more pics!


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Date of visit: 12 August 2017

How we discovered France Passion Obernai:

We have a France Passion 2017 membership. France Passion Obernai, (Vins d’Alsace Blanck Robert), is listed in the guide. You must be a member to park your campervan or motorhome here overnight for free.

Overview of France Passion Obernai:

  • France Passion Obernai is hosted by independent wine maker, Vins d’Alsace Blanck Robert
  • There is parking for five motorhomes or campervans here
  • Parking is located to the left of the building as you face it, on a mixture of concrete or gravel. It is flat.
  • Parking is quiet other than the sound of other visitors vehicles coming and going.
  • There is a large white dog that roams the car park and the tasting room. He is very friendly.
  • There are no facilities other than a toilet open during opening hours. This is easily accessible from the parking.
  • For smaller groups, tasting takes place in the basement. A beautifully appointed room for this purpose.
  • Snacks, (pretzels) are supplied on the table.
  • A number of languages are spoken including English, German and French.
  • All the usual varieties of Alsace wine are available. At the time of writing these started at 5.50 Euro a bottle but generally 8-14 Euros.
  • The shop attached to the premises is highly commercial.
  • You can buy Eau de Vit, Alsacian whiskey, Fois Gras, souvenirs and other Alsacian products here.
  • Easy to walk to Obernai in five minutes.
  • Obernai is a traditional Alsacien village of outstanding architecctural beauty.
  • Bars and restaurants open as late as 3am here.

Type of parking:

France Passion site.



Location style:

Urban, car park, compact, pleasant




Wine tasting; cycling/walking through vineyards, sightseeing in the village, dining at local restaurants.


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