Tarifa Vlog 001 – Toilet troubles and new toys

Tarifa vlog - wimdsurfer catching some air with a blue green sea and moody sky

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 In this Tarifa vlog, Ant and Lou show you the old town and beach of Tarifa; experience some troubles with their toilet and test out some new toys to make #vanlife even more utopian 😉

Our first vlog comes to you from Tarifa in Andalucia. This surfers paradise has one of the highest suicide rates in Spain – apparently due to the wind! Happily, it was carnival weekend and loads of people were dressed up as comic book characters and getting drunk long into the night.

Carnival or Carnaval weekend is in celebration of 40 days before Lent. the time when religion says you are meant to abstain from fun. On a Friday night we parked up near the beach we could hear the music clearly from six blocks away. We can’t say exactly what time the music stopped because we were wearing earplugs. However, when we discovered the toilet had leaked at 2 am, it was still booming.

With a terrible night of sleep behind us, we managed to take a run down the long promenade.  The sky was partly cloudy and the temperature in the low teens. A few people were surfing. The waves in Tarifa break in a perfectly straight line. We would have liked to do some body-boarding but we’re on a tight budget.

We joined the festivities on Saturday evening. The music was booming once again and the big marquee was full of families with young children. We decamped to a little place called Bossa bar to escape them. Thankfully the beers were cheap and we rejoined the party well oiled. Somehow, we still got to bed at midnight. We must be getting old!

Here are some of our favourite pictures from our weekend in Tarifa: 

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Ant & Lou


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