Spicy Veg Brunch Wrap. Is it Breakfast? Is it Lunch? No… It’s Brunch!

Spicy Veg Brunch Wrap

Whether you live conventionally, or on the road like we do, my spicy veg brunch wrap is a tasty way to keep money in your pocket, fill your belly and put a smile on your face!

Is it breakfast? Is it lunch? No…It’s brunch! Whether you’re up early for a hard day’s work or just lounging around in your PJ’s it’s so easy to make my spicy veg brunch wrap you could do it with your eyes shut. As a bonus, it’s vegetarian too. I’ve used egg as the primary ingredient but if you’re not vegetarian and don’t mind spending a bit more money you could easily substitute egg for tinned tuna or go wild and chop some juicy rare steak in.

Although I originally did the ingredients for one person, (see our Instagram post), I’ve given the ingredients to make two wraps, which should be enough for two people.


Serves: 2


2 wholemeal wraps.
2 lettuce leaves, torn.
Large clove of garlic.
1 whole red chilli.
Half of a red pepper.
1 tomato.
1 free range egg.
1 tsp paprika smoked.
Salt and pepper.

How to make Lou’s spicy veg brunch wrap:

🍅Chop your chilli, garlic, onion, tomato and pepper.

🍅Heat a tlbsp of oil in a frying pan.

🍅Fry the onion first till soft, add the tomatoes, pepper and cook for a few minutes.

🍅Add the garlic and chilli plus a tsp of smoked paprika, salt and pepper.

🍅On a plate add some sauce of your choice and some lettuce to your wrap.

🍅Crack an egg in your pan and scramble into the vegetables.

🍅When the egg is cooked tip the yummy mixture onto your wrap and roll up.

🍅Stuff your face!


Serving suggestion:

With a bloody mary… especially on a weekday!


To be eaten immediately… unless you like salmonella.


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Thanks for reading!



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